martes, 3 de noviembre de 2009

Drive-By Truckers - My Sweet Annette (2003)

From the album Decoration Day in 2003

Me and my Annette, we was as fond as we could be
We was set to marry in October 33
I set my sights on courtin’ her, as fine as she could be
I never ever noticed her best friend Marilee
Took a job at the saw mill and I bought my girl a ring,
Had a pre-wedding party, close friends and family
Everything was fine, eatin’ homemade ice cream
I swear I never noticed maid of honor, Marilee

My Sweet Annette was left standing at the alter.(2x)

Marilee was taken ill, it was several miles from home
Back then it wasn’t fittin’ for a girl to leave alone
Sweet Annette, she asked me to walk her to the door
As innocent as children back before the war

My Sweet Annette was left standing at the alter. (2x)

Lord have mercy for what we done, Lord have mercy when to people get alone
Neither one of us had done anything like that you see
By the next sunset, I had eloped with Marilee. (3x)

My Sweet Annette was left standing at the alter.

4 comentarios:

TSI-NA-PAH dijo...

Casi,casi un clasico.Pero un gran tema sin duda.

Joxemiel dijo...

Una banda que se convertirá en una referencia dentro del rock sureño, si no lo es ya vamos...


El rey lagarto dijo...

Gran tema de gran grupo... Esa voz sucia y guarra me gusta!

Joxemiel dijo...

Te gusta eh??? jejejeje
Uno de los mejores grupos del Southern rock moderno...