sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009

David Crosby - Laughing (1971)

From the album If I Could Only Remember My Name in 1971

I thought I met a man
Who said he knew a man
Who knew what was going on

I was mistaken
Only another stranger
That I knew

And I thought I had found a light
To guide me through
My night and all this darkness

I was mistaken
Only reflections of a shadow
That I saw

And I thought I'd seen someone
Who seemed at last
To know the truth

I was mistaken
Only a child laughing
In the sun

Ah, ah, ah ...
In the sun

4 comentarios:

El rey lagarto dijo...

Como dirían, las drogas las pone Crosby!...

Que voz, dios mio!

Joxemiel dijo...

Menudo discazo que se sacó el pavo...
una maravilla...


"EnLaCuerdaFloja" dijo...

Esto es harina de otro costal


saludos desde el tornado ¡Cósmico!

Joxemiel dijo...

Gracias por tu visita "EnLaCuerdaFloja"...
Este es tan cósmico como tú!!!! jejejeje ;)