lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 2 Kindsa Love (1996)

From the album Now I Got Worry in 1996

Two kindsa love
That ain't bad
Get it right away
Get with it, man
When you get back home
Back up in Cleveland
You look on up
That's where I'll be

You're 2 kindsa love...
Ain't that the law up above
You got 2 kindsa love

It's in...
Gonna dig myself
Dig myself a hole
Alright baby, down in the ground
When I get up ain't on one around
Yeah, 2 kindsa love
Way down below and up above
You got it

You're 2 kindsa love (with ad lib)

The way I feel right now
You're lookin' good
Come on, baby
Let me hear you howl
Everybody's alright
Everybody's alright

3 comentarios:

El rey lagarto dijo...

Brutales en directo!

txinomandinga dijo...

Tremendos si señor!!

Joxemiel dijo...

Estoy con vosotros...en directo son una puta apisonadora...