martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

Ben harper - Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating (2006)

From the album Both Sides Of The Gun in 2006

You're the first one to get there
And always the last one to leave
You're the first one to chuckle
But the last one to grieve
I know all too well the world takes a daily beating

Please don't talk about murder while i'm eating

You walk into the temple
And call it a church
I try to keep things simple
But you always need the works
Your life is marked by numbers and symbols
Excessive drinking from out of golden thimbles
Just a moment of silence i'm needing

So let's not talk about murder while i'm eating

You get all hot and bothered
At the strangest times and places
But don't notice the looks on all the other faces
You're dressed for summer in the middle of december
What you've all but forgotten
I painfully remember
I don't care in the least what you're reading

Please don't talk about murder while i'm eating

2 comentarios:

El rey lagarto dijo...

Todo lo que oigo de este maricon es buenisimo, lo unico es que lo descubri tarde y me da una perreria meterme en su discografia... Joder necesito vivir mas vidas.

Joxemiel dijo...

A mi hay cosas que me gustan más que otras, pero las que me gustan mucho...En Francia es un puto ídolo!!!
Gracias por comentar.